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Gilday Sport Conditioning is Southwest Washington‘s leader in sport performance and personal training programs. GSC offers the most comprehensive performance enhancement training in the region, including instruction in movement training, injury prevention, linear and lateral speed development, foot speed and agility, explosive power development, proper strength training techniques, sport specific conditioning and nutritional and recovery strategies.

The highly structured program takes place in a supportive, competitive and motivating environment that focuses on athletic and individual self-improvement. The personal attention every client and athlete receives at Gilday Sport Conditioning is unmatched; our clients become part of a family and we are genuinely interested in their lives and well-being.

With a diverse clientele, ranging from middle school and high school students, stay at home moms/dads, and adult recreational athletes to professional athletes in almost every major sport, there is something for everyone at Gilday Sport Conditioning. With a dedication to training athletes of all skill levels that is second to none, GSC is able to best serve its clients by placing an emphasis on individualized goals and needs. Although clients train in a group environment, each client is offered individualized programming, and the coaching needed to properly execute these measures and obtain the desired results.

What sets GSC apart is the experience coach Gilday amassed throughout his career. Cory’s 14 years in the field, training hundreds of athletes from the youth level to the professional ranks has made him one of the leading experts in the field of strength and conditioning. Recognized for its straightforward, motivating training environment with the perfect combination of discipline and passion, the knowledge displayed and results attained at GSC has led to not only success on the local level, but also nationally and professionally.


Whether your goal is to decrease body fat and build muscle or simply move and fell better, a GSC coach can keep you on track, keep you motivated, accountable and keep you focused on reaching your primary goal. If you have any specific health issues or injuries, your GSC coach will work with you and your doctor or physical therapist to plan a safe and effective program.

Weight Loss


Functional Strength

Mobility / Flexibility




Our philosophy is to prepare athletes for the upcoming season and beyond. Young athletes begin by learning how to train. Older, more experienced athletes will learn to train like an elite athlete. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete preparing for collegiate or professional sports, GSC offers the best programming designed and implemented by the best, most experienced coaches in the area!



Strength & Agility


Injury reduction



Our mission is to provide our clients with safe, effective and fun training programs that deliver results


Honest, Professional, Passionate, Motivational, Inspirational, and Dedicated


Responsible, education-driven fitness training. The alternative to the norm.

Coach Cory Gilday - Owner Gilday Sport Conditioning

I have had the pleasure of being in the strength and conditioning/ sports performance field for nearly 14 years. I have worked with athletes from local high school stars to NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA stars such as Shaquille O'Neal, Shaun Bodiford, and Slade Norris. It has also been my pleasure to train and prepare the USAF special operations soldiers of the 125th Special Tactics Squadron for the past 2 years as their tactical strength and conditioning coach. Read more about notable clients...


B.A. Exercise Science and History, Central College
M.S. Exercise Science California University of Pennsylvania


  • RKC-1
  • USTF-1
  • FMS
  • USWA-1

Sports Conditioning and Personal Training for all ages and abilities

Coach Cory Gilday

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