Notable Clients

Gilday Sport Conditioning is proud to have worked with many notable clients over the years including athletes from the NBA, NFL, UFC, as well as military corps and law enforcement.

Shaquille O'Neal

Los Angeles Lakers

ESPN Article
NBA Gilday sports conditioning trainer
Shaun Bodiford

Shaun Bodiford

Oakland Raiders,
Green Bay Packers


Slade Norris

Jacksonville Jaguars



Rick "Horror" Story

Top ten ranked UFC welterweight

UFC fighter training gym
Rick Horror Story UFC figher trained by Cory Gilday
Jake Smith UFC fighter trained by Cory Gilday

Jake Smith

Top Ranked Prime and Titan FC Welter weight

Ed Herman UFC fighter

Ed Herman

Top 20 Light Heavyweight

Ryan Walker top ranked Prime Welterweight trained by Gilday Sport Conditioning

Ryan Walker

Top ranked Prime Welterweight

United States Military

125th special tactics Squadron ( AFSOC)

United States Marine Corps: MARSOC prep

United States Military Tactical Training

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